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Specialty Street: An Overwhelming Attack on the Senses

After a long day cranking through our 1st day of research and brainstorming, we decided for a change of pace. The decision was to hit up a Japanese restaurant (we have been eating Chinese cuisine pretty much every day, all day.) for once. Our interns recommended one that specialized in ‘Hot Pot’ and took a cab into the city.

Dinner was great (Sushi not the same as others that I have had, but beggars can’t be choosers) and the layout of the hot pot ingredients was fantastic. Mushrooms, beef, greens, flowers, pork and tofu were scattered about the table. Individual pots of boiling liquid were placed on a mini stovetop, integrated into the table. (I went for spicy, as usual)

After the feast (and I mean FEAST) we headed out to a street that Winky suggested that we ‘had’ to see. It was called ‘Specialty Street’ (Official translation pending)

This street was chock full of vendors selling everything from Durian fruit to sparrows, to vast assortments of live seafood. I personally only tried a mild sugar cane water, bit the selection of offerings was astounding.

With this being said. I cranked out a quick video from my iPhone yesterday (Very basic editing) and posted below – Apologies on the quality, but will hopefully get better at filming, editing and of course actually speaking.

Check out the team blog at: http://cscchina16.wordpress.com


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