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Time Travel Query: Enabling you to jump in and out of time

At the Gartner conference last week, we had breakfast with analyst Merv Adrian. As it was the day of announce for our InfoSphere Warehouse 10 and DB2 10 offerings much of our discussion rallied around some of the new features. One key area that we spent time on was that of the newly incorporated ‘Time Travel Query’. Merv’s recommendation was to leverage a Dr. Who theme at our yearly Information on Demand Conference and to be honest, I think that would be an awesome idea.

The Time Travel Query function allows you to query data as it was at any point in the past, or as it will be at some point in the future.

Say that again?

The Time Travel Query function allows you to query data as it was at any point in the past, or as it will be at some point in the future.

Ok, perhaps Dr. Who is already here

The Time Travel Query (based on the SQL 2011 standard) is integrated into the database engine to provide significant performance and manageability advantages. This leads to easier business historical and trend analysis and application development. Time Travel Query provides the infrastructure for time-aware analytics to reduce the operational complexity of collecting and analyzing time-based data. This accelerates dynamic analysis of business trends and changes over time, for both new and existing applications.

The Time Travel Query also provides the flexibility to play with  system-controlled temporal data, enabling you to analyze all kinds of chronological data including forward-looking data when using user-controlled temporal data. Having this query baked in to the database reduces  application development time by allowing DBAs to use an existing SQL application and run it across different time periods.,..it is optimized for meeting audit and compliance inquires and point-in-time queries without the burden of changing an application

Time Travel Query functionality is included in all InfoSphere Warehouse editions editions.

To net it out – We have prebaked native support for temporal analytics into the database engine – Allowing you to jump back in and out of time periods as needed.

Perhaps if we combine with multidimensional cubes, InfoSphere Warehouse would make a more reliable TARDIS.

Eat that, Time Lords

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  1. July 21, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    If a man could go back in time would it change where he wanted to be now? if a man makes mistakes would if he could go back in time what would he do different or would he chose a specific moment to relive over and over again? A man makes mistakes but if he stepped in anothers shoes and went back in time would he admit the error of judgement that he continues today ,what he fails to understand – is we can not as yet go time travel , but does he care – depends on the man

  2. August 9, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Dr who take me in your tardis to a time before the world began before the storm the rain that was created by one man. Take me back in time as i hold his hand so he can see and know in his heart the end of the world was never meant to be. The one whose glass is full and over flows invites new learning a man with half a glass may believe he is the optimist ? what makes the man is truth pity we cant travel back in time and start again where all just felt at ease. Am all you believed me to be and if you opened up your eyes the you would see its your life not what everyone else expects simple man

  3. August 10, 2012 at 3:14 am

    A man who has no regrets thinks of noone but himself. His apologises meant nothing because he keeps on making the same mistakes hand on heart right time wrong place. Take him back in time and show him how one cared. A caring woman can be honest but holds back truths from others that would course hurt. A man and woman caught by their owm acts of self think nothing of noone else. Time thats gone can not come back and the future clock is ticking with hand on heart she wants to wish you well how wrong you were time will tell the past has a way of travelling into the future

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