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New Smart Analytics System 5710 Brochure (and UK webcast update)

Due to some of my recent travel, I’ve forgotten to share and communicate some of our latest assets that the team has been building out. On the topic of the Smart Analytics System 5710, we have recently published a new product brochure that can be found here.

The piece is titled ‘The All-in-one Business Intelligence Solution’ and to be honest – That pretty much sums up what the 5710 actually is. Starting at under $50K off-the-shelf, these products can instantly empower your organization with a complete data warehouse and business intelligence solution.

It’s pretty simple – You select one of 3 model sizes (S, M or L), plug it in and start loading data from your many (or few – depends on your situation) data sources into the warehouse. If you have decided to use one or more of the InfoSphere Warehouse Model Packs, the data models have already been built for you – so just load those pre-built models with your data. Once that is complete – The 75+ prebuilt reports are at your control to immediately display and communicate your own business intelligence across your organization!

If you want to see one of these solutions in person, please drop me a note and I can help get you set up with a local innovation center, briefing center or even virtual demonstration via the demo cloud. If you are local in the North Carolina area we are getting ready to have one put in the executive briefing center shortly. I’ll communicate more locations as they get implemented but also expect to see and experience the Smart Analytics System 5710 on the road this year as we bring them to our numerous events and seminars.

The IBM Smart Analytics System 5710

On that note for a segue, the UK (London specifically) is definitely one of the locations where you will be able to interact with the 5710. In a previous post I shared a registration for an upcoming webcast in the UK and I wanted to update you that the date has been pushed back to March 21st. In that webcast we will be discussing both the 5710 and hearing from one of our customers of the Smart Analytics System, Deutche Postbank, and how they are levaraging it in the London branch. If you have not registered, you can still do so here.

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