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Tech Talk Event: Solving Complex Data Warehousing Problems

In the latter half of 2011, our team brought to market a new edition of our flagship data warehousing software, InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Edition. It was unfortunately one of those launches where it was stuck between the excitement around the Netezza product line, driving home the simplicity of an ‘appliance’ and the other later 2011 Smart Analytics System launches: the compact 5710 (my darling), 7710 (single server POWER) , 9700 and 9710 (Mainframes) and the DB2 Analytics Accelerator. <cough> . So when you have the battleship firing on all cylinders ‘Keep it simple!!!’ (as well as your own team) things can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

I state this because I myself have been caught up in the excitement around the Smart Analytics System 5710 and am working to get systems up and available around the globe (yes, around the globe and in IBM’s Innovation Centers) for our customers to ‘experience’ and  essentially play with the system. In reality though, the warehouse appliance market (as much as we love it) is only a portion of the data warehousing market overall. That leaves ‘pure software’ powering custom solutions worldwide – and there are a limited number of vendors that have invested in database and data warehouse software development apart from the mystical black box appliance. With all this being said, we have made some awesome enhancements to our leading Warehousing software that I wanted to share.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Enterprise Edition:  In addition to the data mining, cubing and other warehousing tooling that you get with InfoSphere Warehouse, the advanced enterprise edition includes:

For those smaller installations that are a bit more price sensitive, we also offer an Advanced Departmental edition that essentially adds the 3 InfoSphere Warehouse Model Packs into the warehouse, but does not include the enterprise tooling, etc.

Now, I could break this down into a number of blog entries, drilling into all of the integrated and bundled technologies of InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Edition – But better than me explaining, our own InfoSphere Warehouse Product Manager, Jon Lind will be hosting a call on February 23rd from 12:30pm to 2pm to go through the product in extreme detail. The session is entitled: “Solving Complex Data Warehousing Problems with Advanced Tooling of InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Editions” and I urge you to register and attend. The event is free (and virtual) and is a great place to ask any questions that you might have on the offerings or even data warehousing in general.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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