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The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer for Business


One of my biggest gripes with data warehousing marketing (and pretty much corporate IT and Data Management) is that we promote these multi-million dollar solutions that companies are banking their well being on with either a bunch of talking heads, cutsey videos or even cardboard cut outs of hardware at trade shows. Yes, I know that it is cost effective for the latter point (I have shipped my share of full racks and well, not a fun way to blow your quarterly budget) – but there is something to be said about actually ‘touching’ something before you purchase it.

Our acquisition of the Netteza product line, really opened my eyes to a number of tactics that support this. Being able to ‘Test Drive’ your hardware on site through their appliance – Simple and sweet – and it was just cool to look at as well.

The Smart Analytics System 5710 unfortunately does not have the slick green shell like our other Netezza products, but it does have the footprint of a pizza box (have an empty rack slot?) and the pricepoint that could drop it into any organization’s Christmas shopping list. At under $50K the Smart Analytics 5710 has become some sort of phenomenon as an impulse buy in IT this season. Add to that, the Intel Xeon powered 3630s from System x are a screamer to boot.

Back to the video though – Aside from touching it, we wanted to show ‘how’ this system is used. These are actual screenshots, and actual reports and dashboards that you get (out of the box) with the InfoSphere Warehouse Packs. With the Smart Analytics 5710, you plug it in, turn it on and then load your data – And if you are using the Packs, well – you have reports and dashboards available on demand as well – out-of-the-box.

As for being able to ‘touch’ these systems – I will chat more about our plans there – Rest assured that you will have multiple opportunities to see and play with the Smart Analytics System 5710 in the next few months. In the meantime, any questions – just let me know.

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  1. December 21, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Maybe we should color it red for the season’s greetings and more appeal! 🙂 Real compact & feature-packed it is nonetheless …

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