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A Quick Snapshot from IDUG EMEA

Has been a great time so far here in Prague at the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) European conference. To be honest, I have not made it to any of the sessions so far yet have been swamped with the demos, the expo and an array of customers interested in accelerating or beginning their data warehousing journey. From legacy mainframe customers (System z) that are looking for a turbo boost for analytics (…they all over the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator built on IBM Netezza technology) to those many interactions that I have around empowering businesses through the nimble Smart Analytics 5710 and its POWER based cousin the 7710. The net of is that organizations across the board are looking for further investment in business analytics and the infrastructure around it.

IBM Smart Analytics system 5710 at IDUG EMEAHaving the 5710 on hand in the center of the expo has been a godsend. There is something to be said about having the ability to drop hardware on the floor of a software focused event – Especially when we have Warehouse Packs LIVE! set up and running. As a line of business leader prior to my current occupation – I would have killed for one of these systems with integrated data models and reports – empowered with this much information at my fingertips. Yeah sure, I’m preaching my own products now – But think about it, wouldn’t you love to have a dashboard of your organization, your department, your sales force, your company at the tips of your fingers? …and have this information be relevant, trusted and actionable? – Seriously!

Too many times clients rely on the dashboard solely for the information – As most of us know, garbage in, garbage out – no matter how pretty you paint the data. Infrastructure and the data warehouse is not supposed to be pretty or sexy – it is supposed to work, be robust and be able to perform the job that you have intended it to do – to warehouse and deliver relevant, trusted and actionable information – in a timely manner. Through the usage of Warehouse Packs LIVE! clients are able to see not only the front end, but harness the dashboards and reports first hand with live data.

InfoSphere Warehouse Packs LIVE! touchscreenSo enough with the marketing pitch – but I do get very passionate as I use these systems while on the road. Perhaps it has been the entry of a system that comes complete at under $50K US but I’m seeing an enormous amount of traction in the field around an offering that has only been around a few months. Augment this with our Netezza 1000 appliance, our mainframe business and our family of Smart Analytics Systems for those uber workload situations – and you make a marketing person (and a sales force) quite excited that you have a solution for any problem in this space.

As stated, IDUG has been phenomenal …Great questions, interesting conversations and awesome customer stories.

I’m off for a few days in Budapest, but will be back at it next week sharing more in time for Turkey Day.

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