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Touchdown Prague

IDUG EMEA Conference 2011 PragueBack out in the Czech Republic this week for the IDUG conference in Prague. What’s really exciting is that we shipped both the Smart Analytics 5710 and 7710 out from Las Vegas after the Information on Demand (IOD) event. I just got in yesterday, but am in transit to the conference after I write this entry and will report in with more detail as I experience it.

I’ve never really followed up post IOD as I was planning to. The net of it is that we have been booked solid with our new slew of Smart Analytics offerings. In my history around this conference, you usually get a week or so to get plans together for 2012 (and yes that is super important) but the excitement and demand around not only our new offerings but also around the Warehouse Packs LIVE! experience has me (and my team) scurrying to meet the demand of the global market. (Check out my friend Larry Heathcote’s blog here) This is all good. (Yet my wife might have a different opinion of my schedule though 😉 )

Over the next month, I will be sharing and posting a number of new Data Warehousing assets on the site (quick links from my blog) and the larger IBM community. From specific videos and whitepapers on the 5710 to eBooks and big picture papers on the whole portfolio including such things as Informix Smart Metering, Netezza appliances, and data warehousing for the mainframe – there is a mess load of information coming in 4th quarter here – so stay tuned.

After I get back from this trip, I will resume a normal schedule of blog postings rather than 5am ‘from the road’ rants with a bit more structured content.

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