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Quick IOD Update from the Field

As stated, I’m out in Las Vegas this week for our annual Information on Demand (IOD) conference. We spent the majority of yesterday working with the team pre-loading the iPads we ordered with the new Cognos Mobile software and testing the system (all for the InfoSphere Warehouse Packs LIVE! experience).

The Packs LIVE! Experience will be running on our new Smart Analytics System 5710, which totally caught me by surprise when I saw it come out of the box. In al honesty, rather than installing it in a rack – we might just leave it out on a table. Would be nuts to think that we are cranking all of our reporting and analytics off of this little box sitting on a table next to our mainframe behemoths. But hey, that’s part of the benefit as well – Unlike some of our competitors, I would suggest that you don’t attempt putting it under your desk.

I’ll upload some pictures as we get closer to the expo – prob via Twitter

In addition to the big kickoff this evening, the Business Partner Summit is going great. We will be drilling down into our mid-market and channel portfolio in our Data Warehousing roundtable at 1pm PST – Defining the market and technology for our Netezza and Smart Analytics offerings.

After the roundtable – all eyes are on the expo where we will have a flood of our Data Warehousing and Analytics pedestals across the show floor – with a crazy number of technical demos running – including our Warehouse Packs LIVE! I’m very excited about today (and the week) and will share what images and news I can as it happens…

Here is a video on the IOD event  for backgorund (and even our own Smart Analytics Marketing Manager Amit Patel is on the front page..)

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