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Bad Marketer En Route to IOD

I’m currently making that annual exodus to las vegas for the 2011 information on demand conference (en route in the ATL). As a bad marketer I have been focused so much on execution rather than promotion and well, …a whole hell of a lot has happened over the past few week in preparation for the IOD experience.

Sure there have been new products cranked out from our labs: Smart Analytics 7710 (single server POWER warehouse solution), Smart Analytics 9710 (single server zenterprise warehouse solution – yeah, you heard that correctly.. Mainframe still kicking it) and the new Smart Analytics 9700… The ultimate mainframe business analytics solution. I personally think that it would help marketing out just a bit if we came out with solutions en masse at a less busy time of year – but oh well, bleeding edge waits for no one.

 Aside from the IOD conference’s warehouse presence and gobs of technical and customer sessions (like 50+ sessions just for data warehousing! Not even including even more sessions for analytics) we have one uber cool concept that we have nursing as our own baby – InfoSphere Warehouse Packs LIVE!

Prepared to launch on this Sunday at our business partner day, leading into the conference, Packs LIVE! offers our attendees to experience IBM’s data warehousing technologies firsthand. Through 30+ iPads scattered across the event, users will be able to actively drill down through graphical dashboards, hitting live retail data (think market basket analysis, customer churn models, etc. ) running live on our recently announced Smart Analytics 5710 system. Yeah – that same system that comes complete and off the shelf at under 50k. Grab an iPad and drill away – Nuff said.

Gotta run to the next flight to LAS, but stay tuned as we start to roll out InfoSphere Warehouse Packs LIVE! and I’ll update from the expo floor at IOD.  Talk to you all soon!

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  1. October 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Looking forward to seeing you there! Totally exciting news about the new Smart Analytics Systems and especially the Warehouse Packs Live! People will be BLOWN AWAY by this!!!

  1. October 21, 2011 at 4:17 pm

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