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Webinar: How to Save BIG $ with Terabyte Pricing


Complimentary Web Seminar | September 29, 2011
Time: 12PM ET / 9 AM PT


Demand for data warehousing continues to expand. But as data volumes increase, and new applications and users are added, costs may escalate rapidly. This Webcast presents the results of independent research showing how use of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse may allow organizations to better meet demand while reducing three-year software costs by 39 to 69 percent compared to use of Oracle 11g solutions. The emphasis is placed on hard data drawn from user experiences.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • The principal differences between InfoSphere Warehouse and Oracle data warehouse solutions, and how these affect bottom lines for data warehouse deployment
  • How to support data warehouse growth in a more flexible and cost-effective manner than with Oracle’s conventional tools and techniques
  • How InfoSphere Warehouse per terabyte pricing offers lower costs than Oracle’s processor- and user-based pricing metrics
  • How to exploit the potential of DB2 data compression to reduce data warehouse size while improving performance and reducing software, storage and server costs.

Brian Jeffery, Managing Director, International Technology Group (ITG)
Lawrence Weber, Program Director, IBM Data Warehousing Business

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