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Business Answers at Your Fingertips – New eBook!

So now that it is out – I wanted to share the 1st of many ‘Scenario Marketing’ pieces that we are generating here at IBM. The first piece ‘Business answers at your fingertips’ showcases the latest in our data warehouse accelerator offerings.

What makes this different from much of the fluff you see in the database, data warehouse and analytics space – We walk through actual screen shots and business problems that customers are solving – using the product, not just being cute about it.

Beyond just some application or off the shelf solution, IBM’s Warehouse Packs are in essence, instant data warehouses (or most likely data marts) with all of the business problems that you wish to answer (or at least a good start at it) built in. Pre-built and hardened data models with data load guidance – as well as the actual Cognos reports come ready to go and are fully customizable based on your business needs.

As stated the marketing piece itself walks through 3 customer scenarios, each leveraging a different Warehouse Pack: Customer Insight, Market and Campaign Insight and Supply Chain Insight. In reality, there would be much overlap in the usage, but we wanted to maintain the flavor of each pack’s strength.

We are way overdue for a marketing update with InfoSphere Warehouse’s Advanced Edition – But starting at under $45K per Terabyte ($US list) – you get all 3 packs included in the software as well – yeah, pretty cool – but will chat later this week on TB pricing and the Advanced edition

Take a look at the piece when you get a chance and let me know what you think. I’ll let the eBook speak for itself.  Is this a better way to market technology than endless whitepapers, soulless flash and self serving youtube videos? (and yes, I am guilty of all 3 as well)

The Warehouse Packs are available for:

Business Answers at Your Fingertips IBM eBook

As always – if any questions on this or any other technologies here – just let me know

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