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Well, it’s Groundhog Day… Again

On my way out to the 2011 TDWI conference inSan Diego, I started thinking about my personal journey in this space of business intelligence and data warehousing. While working directly in the data warehouse ‘industry’ for about 5+ years – I have been a consumer and advocate of business intelligence for almost 20 years.

Reflecting while on my über delayed flight through Minnesota, I started to piece together those things that have changed since my time in IBM marketing began. We all have buzz word marketing anchors: Agile Warehousing, Dynamic Warehousing, Smarter Computing and now even Smart Consolidation.

While each strategic concept warrants attention (and is valuable in it’s own mention) it is at the end of the day a strategy, ..a roadmap. As a student of the manufacturing industry I have learned first hand that while strategy is essential… strategy without resources and the ability to execute is worthless.

At the end of the day I still see too much buzz-speak and not enough execution in this industry. Faster, better, cheaper, yada, yada, <yawn>. Soulless drivel if you ask me. The fact is that companies, organizations and intelligent entities want to use their data, their collected information to make better decisions (with a decent quality of service) – why do we focus so much on strategy and whizz bang marketing rather than simple explanation of the business problem at hand and how we assist at solving that/those problem(s)?

So, looking back at my rant, I might be acting a bit ‘sour grapes’ but the reality is that the problems from 5 years ago are still the same problems we have today. We have gained a few more tools in the world of predictive analytics, harnessed streaming technology and have started to define and plan for the digestion of big data. I love and embrace the technologies that have matured (and that are maturing) …but I question what has actually changed.

I hope to learn a few (or happily many) new things this week through our industry thought leaders, analysts and visionaries. From here I head out to the Asia Pacific region for a tour of duty meeting with our sellers, business partners and customers.  I’ll report back in later in the tour – I’m hoping to be proved wrong, but I’m prepared for more strategies baked in a vacuum (or some marketer’s imagination – and yes I myself am guilty of this as well) rather than on the ground in a world economy.   

Clients need to execute now, and with a solution that fits their needs, not that of the company that sold them the snake oil (cough) …I mean solution. One size does not fit all and I follow that mantra for everything data warehouse and I’m very happy that my organization does as well.

If you disagree with this notion of Groundhog Day – Please let me know why – Would love to be proved wrong here.

(One of a number of blogs and rants stuck in Larry’s iPad)

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  1. September 7, 2011 at 5:52 am

    I thought being a newbie in this space I was thinking this way: ‘Faster, better, cheaper’ is too high level rather pinpointing needs is more beneficial. It may have a history to it in terms of adoption and the way all major companies have been marketing too… The fact that things got to be tailored to customer needs is a no-brainer so why are things still at a strategy-like level – faster better cheaper yada yada yay! I was thinking about this yesterday that: Research drives products which is then marketed (push) and if it were to be more pull type I mean in terms of needs driving research. Although research which is an exploratory approach in most cases translate to products only if needs and a available feature set match. The concept of drilling down – ‘laddering’ from features->benefits->values (predominant in consumer behaviour) may also find use in B2B too. And at the end of the day it is evolutionary in all terms pricing, benefits and so much more that affect product buying behaviour of consumers.

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