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Technical Difficulties

Going to be a bit backward here over the next two weeks – I’ve unfortunately been failing with my technologies over this trip to Asia Pac. As economy flying is the new ‘black’ in corporate travel policies, my 17+in laptop monster (with 2hr battery life) does not make for a good asset on flights of 8+ hours. I decided to start migrating to the iPad to use as a multi-purpose device for blogs, papers, books, music, etc. No brainier, right?….

Thinking to myself how great it would be to leverage a program like tweet deck for the iPad, I turfed my WordPress and twitter settings (my fault), effectively making it impossible to access via my blackberry device (which I use about 99% more than the iPad. If that was not bad enough, regardless of the hotel that I have been in, wireless access has been a nightmare – Ones in Australia, yet fast, restricted to one IP device per day…and well my laptop was a bit more important than the iPad – In Singapore (where I am now) internet access slams to a screeching halt in the afternoon/evening timeframe. Add to the fact that Changi Village does not employ wireless (ugh) – well, I’ll stop right there.

All of this being said, I will most likely publish a number of blogs in reverse timing chronicling these travels (including a few horror stories… and yes I have some of the worst travel luck around).

More to come…

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