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A Move to Scenario Marketing

One of the latest assets that we are developing right now has got me working overtime – An eBook that will walk readers through the IBM InfoSphere Warehouse packs – in real world scenarios. What I mean by ‘real world scenario’ is being able to walk the reader through how the packs are used in day to day environments

Too many times technology marketing go too far in one area – Some are notorious for uber technical white papers that take months to write and only cater to a handful of customers (Full Disclosure: I have been guilty of this in the past) and others go so high-level with either primitive flash animations or overly bold declarations (ie …#1 in Middleware, etc.) – On average neither of these do anything for the customer – especially the latter.

The approach that I’m taking with the packs (and marketing of via this eBook vehicle) is to illustrate report by report, how the packs (out of the box) work for specific customer issues, all through the eyes of the end user. As an old Sys Admin and one that purchased, implemented and managed enterprise software, I always yearned for more active content and scenarios around using the software, rather than just features alone. How are people using this? How could I use this? – and can I learn anything new as well?

It’s probably going to be a few more weeks until the eBook is finalized and ready for primetime, but wanted to call out one of our packs (the one that I have been working on through last night for the book) – the Supply Chain Pack.

(and yes this is one of those aforementioned Flash videos – but I hope the higher production value comes across 😉 )

The story that we have in the book really illustrates the overall functionality that one can obtain and use from the Supply Chain pack. From inventory shortages, we move to analyzing the suppliers, the warehouse, the distribution centers and the transportation in between – all within clicks of the mouse. The art here is the ability to problem solve on demand, from a single dashboard – All based on pre-built (totally customizable) reports and data models in the data warehouse.

REALLY want to get this asset published ASAP – and will post it here as well

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