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Model Packs – Another dimension of time to value

Last year I was giving a sales presentation on behalf of a business partner, illustrating a portion of our InfoSphere portfolio and a question came up regarding our Smart Analytics System. I had made the comment about the solution’s ‘ready-to-go’ nature and man in the audience immediately raised his hand. His complaint was that the system was ‘not’ ready to go as he still had to build out his models, load his data, etc… you can see where this was going.

My point is not to get on this man for his hang-up with the length of data warehouse projects, but more to illustrate an example of how we are making this a much more ‘painless’ (and timely) process through the usage of our new Warehouse Model Packs.

In a nutshell, the InfoSphere Warehouse Packs are pre-built data warehouses, focused on specific business issues. The pack itself is a subset of our extensive data model portfolio outlining an actual physical data model for the flavor of the pack that you choose. This also includes associated reports that are already to run based on the models.

Using the Customer Insight pack as an example, all a customer needs to do is load in their data to the Customer Insight model and ‘voila’ you have ready built reports that can instantly illustrate sales by channel, by age group, customer profitability and even‘Profit by Socio Economic Group’.

Thinking back to that original presentation, and that original concern around time to value around data warehousing projects – The Smart Analytics System delivers you that vehicle to get to where you want to go as an organization – But the new InfoSphere Warehouse Packs are the GPS/directions that ensure that you get there in a timely fashion.

Definitely more to come in this department

For more info – http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere/warehouse/packs/

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