After five on a Thursday in February and most of the snow here in North Carolina has melted. I work at IBM and at the end of today I envision my mind like that snow… cold and slowly dripping, melting, forgetting…

Each day I face a whirlwind of the latest and greatest technologies… both from within the walls of Big Blue and outside as well (both from business partners and competitors) and what has me in a bind is the sheer number of messages that each technology carries. For instance take a data warehouse – like perhaps InfoSphere Warehouse (our own DB2 based warehouse) …What does it do? Why do you need it? What does it do better? How do I install it? Is it compatible with my system? Is it worth it?… Yada Yada… That’s all marketing’s job and well… I don’t know how they (we) do it… I’ve been there before and from my experience, I like keeping it simple… focus on results… make it tangible. Net of this is that I am going to focus on things that are REAL… Not technology for technology’s sake – But instead solutions that drive customer value.

…I’m tired of words and tired of talk… The stake is in the ground and later we shall discuss more.

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